Navigating the requirements of multiple jurisdictions made easy with TRG.


Doing business internationally can be arduous. Unfamiliar government structures and organization can make it extremely difficult to determine your requirements to operate in-country and to comply with those requirements. TRG is equipped to help you navigate these complex systems and meet all of your obligations: both at home and abroad. Some examples of the services we provide include:

  • Turnkey Licensing from the US to Afghanistan

    There are a number of considerations which need to be taken into account when seeking to obtain licenses for working in, or providing materiel to, Afghan activities. There are few things as disheartening, not to mention expensive, as having goods intercepted by customs officers for lack of proper licensing, paperwork, and permissions.

    In general, licenses are needed both from the U.S. and the Afghan governments. Our extensive experience and network in Afghanistan, as well as our significant presence in the U.S., provide us with the expertise, network and personnel to assist our clients and partners on all aspects of licensing. In addition, our in-country presence in Afghanistan will ensure that any travelers, shipments, and activities comply with all Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan laws, regulations and requirements. In short, our expertise will contribute to your success.

  • Tax and Financial Services

    Afghan government requirements covering taxation and financial services have often proven to be a major source of concern, delays and problems for foreign government entities and corporations operating in Afghanistan. These issues are increasingly impacting the operation of foreign companies and individuals in Afghanistan, particularly as the Afghan government further promulgates, refines and interprets its laws and regulations based on their experience dealing with foreign entities over the past decade.

    As a result of our continuing operations in Afghanistan since the early days of NATO’s presence in the country we have developed a staff expertise on the issue of taxes and financial services second to none in the country. Further, our corporate structure in the U.S. allows us to provide our clients with specific expertise in the financial laws, regulations and requirements of both the U.S. and Afghanistan as they impact operating in the latter and staying within the requirements of the former.

  • Government Interface

    Our in-country and U.S. expertise and experience covers a wide variety of activities and government organizations, to include defense, commerce, economic development, education and finance. Our extensive network of staff and partners, both in the U.S. and Afghanistan, allows us to provide our clients and partners with the type of wide-ranging expertise that ensures the best chance of success for activities and projects in Afghanistan.

    We have successfully carried out projects in Afghanistan that include transportation, construction, training and education, import and export of materiel, provision of experts and trained staff, life support and facilities management, among others. In each case, a key aspect of these projects has been the expertise we have in dealing with both U.S. and Afghan government entities, including the military of both countries and their NATO and regional partners.