Minimize downtime and increase operational readiness with kitting from TRG.

Parts and Kitting

We can provide aftermarket parts and kitting solutions for a variety of military vehicles and aircrafts. With the capability to provide parts and kits for all variants of HMMW and FMTV to your rotary wing platforms, TRG can be your partner to sustain your fleet of ground, combat, and winged assets. Our extensive experience working within Afghanistan ensures that your parts are delivered in-tact and on-time to support the needs of your mission.

Kitting provides a cost-effective and streamlined means to repair, upgrade, overhaul, or reset your fleet. By reducing the complexity of parts orders and minimizing touch labor, kitting increases the efficacy, flexibility, and output of your service personnel. Your repair line will not be interrupted by an overlooked part or fastener when you take advantage of our kitting services.


In addition to the parts necessary to keep your mobile assets operational, TRG can support your base of operations. Lighting and electrical parts, HVAC equipment, janitorial equipment, desks, electronics, tools, and a variety of other commodities can be provided to support your Afghan operations. If there is something that your operation needs, turn to TRG for sourcing, pricing, and ordering your goods. TRG will manage your goods from quote, crossing international boundaries, and into the hands of your personnel.