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Technical Resources Group (TRG) was established by a team of experts with extensive senior international experience in direct response to an expressed and critical need of the United States Government. Since then, TRG has evolved into an agile & adaptable firm with the connections, experience, and capabilities to tackle the most complex challenges facing our partners.


We offer over 40 years of experience in the design, construction, maintenance, repair, and upgrade of a wide variety of facilities while complying with U.S. and international standards.


Doing business internationally can be arduous. Unfamiliar government structures and organization can make it extremely difficult to determine your requirements to operate in-country and to comply with those requirements. TRG is equipped to help you navigate these complex systems and meet all of your obligations.


TRG’s team has spent decades developing contacts and associates throughout the world to provide timely and professional services to our clients. Whether for an NGO requiring specific, targeted, support during a natural disaster or a government in need of wide-ranging logistical support – including operations, planning, and the staffing of functions all the way up to the Ministry level – during a time of conflict, TRG has the experience and capability to provide single-source program management and integrated solutions for each client’s specific needs.


Technical Resources Group (TRG) provides services to support military & economic development operations by the US government, allies, and partners worldwide.

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If you are seeking expertise in logistics, procurement, life support, training, construction, or data management, we’re the partner for you. We thrive in hostile and austere environments around the globe.