TRG is a proven partner in providing expeditionary services for your critical projects in remote, austere locations.


Project Management

TRG specializes in managing projects throughout south & central Asia, with a particular emphasis on Afghanistan. Our program management enables clients to maintain an arm’s length from programs while we handle operations in high risk or unfamiliar environments. We recruit highly trained local and third party national staff and work with them to adapt local skills and methods to suit the requirements of programs administered to western standards.

We can also manage your cash flow needs; funds can be delivered to TRG in the US or a third country and delivered in cash or transfers for projects and personnel in-country while maintaining western accounting standards.

Equipment Sales & Leases

TRG has been providing equipment to partners in Afghanistan for well over a decade. We have provided commercial vehicles (including buses and ambulances), standard vehicles (sedans and SUVs), up-armored vehicles, and construction equipment (dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes, generators). If you have an equipment need, we can source it and deliver it.

TRG also has support & maintenance capabilities. We can make sure that equipment we lease or sell remains online throughout its useful life. This service becomes incredibly important when equipment is operating in distant, harsh environments.


TRG is a proven partner for expeditionary logistical services in south & central Asia, particularly in Afghanistan. When working in austere, unfamiliar environments, maintaining your supply chain can be a challenge. Food, fuel, munitions, medical supplies, and other consumable stores must be maintained in locations where the local supply chain is unreliable or incapable of handling the demand. Likewise, any outbound cargo must navigate through less developed shipping routes.

TRG will work with your team to identify your requirements and source, store, and deliver materials on time. Security and tracking may be provided, if required. Contingency planning is available to respond to emergent situations.

Construction & Expeditionary Turn-Key Service

TRG provides design-build construction services in multiple countries, with a focus on Afghanistan. We have handled multi-million dollar projects, including airports, housing, schools, hospitals, irrigation channels, and power distribution systems.

While TRG offers all of our services al a carte, we excel at providing turn-key services. We can build and staff facilities for your operations, provide ongoing maintenance and support, and provide mobile or static security teams to protect your assets and personnel.  

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